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Welcome to the site dedicated to enriching the history of Argentine Tango, by making permanently present, ALL the different influences of Tango. We focus here, more on the African roots of Tango, that have been often overlooked or ignored.


We want to:

- Educate by harnering and sharing information about the prestigious journey of the African drumming science, known as (*)Candombe. In that regard, also chronicle the similar types of development that other dances and musical art forms have undergone like Swing, Steppin/Walkin, DC Hand Dancing, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, Salsa, Canyengue, Kizomba, Samba de Gafiera. Greystone Ballroom... etc

- Provide a place to celebrate and feature Tango dancers of Afro descent. Create round table events to present their challenges, dreams and triumphs.

- Inspire and encourage more Afro Tango dancers to join the growing international community of Tango dancers.

- Create events that feature the other active people of Afro descent in the Tango community, such as, Teachers, DJ's, Musicians, Promoters, Venue Owners, etc.  These events will be Festivals, Workshop Weekends, Collaboration with other dance forms or groups, Documentary Viewings, Road Trips or International Tours, etc.

We hope this window of enrichment will add a spark to your Tango journey, as you allow the imperishable link to the distant past to imbue your learning process.

Tango!... "the place where we gather" in one of the African Bantou languages, also calls for the quiet place from which the deeper connection with ourselves operates.


















(*) Candombe: meaning "the people that we are" in the Kicongo language




Stepping Back, Unmasking Tango: (Re)Covering the African Elements in Tango.

Marcela Guerrero Medina
Art History Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison







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