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Introducing a New Step:

Salida con "loko"

Part II


By Jean-Pierre Sighé


As I mentioned in my last article, the Salida with the spice of “loko” opens the door to another dynamic, brings to mind, the excitement of new possibilities. Let us examine this new dynamic. I will choose two angles of observation, directly related to the new position the man assumes after the execution of the Salida con “loko”.

The first one is the logical forward progression, as he has now transferred his weight onto his right leg and is basically standing on the left side of the woman (he could actually split his weight 50-50 between his two legs, if he chooses to). He can move forward.If he wants to bring her back in front of him, he can then make her use the logical Cruzada. But this time, it would be executed on her left (instead of the traditional right). In other words, she will cross her right leg over the left. Watch video 3 in open and close embrace. Click on the following link :


The second angle that I find interesting, from the same point where the man stands after the Salida con “loko” is the change of direction, using the Media-Vuelta. Watch video 4 in open and close embrace. Click on the following link:


As a reminder, in Tango there are three fundamental body positions that the partners alternately assume. From the man’s point of view, the woman will be:
a) in front of him, that is face to face.
b) more to his left.
c) more to his right.

Because of the fact that the Salida con “loko” places the woman to his left side, he now sees the opportunity to simply continue the dance walking to her left side. A dancer should be able to walk at ease in any of the three aforementioned positions. There is one critical element that determines the ease to do so: that is the ability to use the tool of the Upper Body Counter-Positioning (read more about it by clicking here ). It is actually the condition sine qua non to be able to enjoy the new possibilities that the Salida con “loko” opens up.

The two angles I picked should be enough to see the other obvious possibilities (such as the Sacada - after the woman is placed in the second position of the Media-Vuelta - or the Gancho… etc.). With my partner Bianca, our hope is that you will all experiment with the step and even invent new moves from the Salida con “loko”. The joy of dancing Tango is also the improvisation that the situation on the dance floor forces us to conceive. Isn’t it?



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