Lisette Perelle

Dancing since the age of 5, Lisette began her training in gymnastics. From there her education continued to Hula, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Ballroom, Argentine Tango and Theater. She received her B.A. Degree from Northeastern University in Speech Communications concentrating in Television and Film production. She has worked in the film industry for over 14 years and has won Canada's Lotus award for Producer of the Best PSA commercial in 1996. Her Minor was in Theater.

She danced and performed with Northeaster Dance Theater Company in 1986-88 where she did choreography under the direction of Sarah Umberger. She was very involved in theater since childhood where she not only acted, sang and danced, but also choreographed numbers for the musicals, "Ghetto" and "Working". She has since done choreography for a music video for the singer Jenifer Taylor.

She was a member of the Argentine performance company called Ballet Pampa Argentina under the direction of Pampa Cortes for 2 years. She has starred in 2 tango film shorts, "Burn" and "Tango in the Park" as well as performed on television for KQED in San Francisco.

Lisette trained in Argentine tango with Julian "Miller" Ramil, Pampa and Valeria Cortes, Fabian Salas, Mariana Flores and Eduardo Cappussi, Julio Balmeceda and Corina de la Rosa, Mariano "Chicho" Framboli, Mariana Dragone, Sabastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Carlos Gavito, El Flaco Danny Garcia, Omar Vega, Daniel Juarez and Alejandra Armenti and many others. She spends extensive time in Buenos Aires each year training as well as teaching.

She has taught tango in the Bay Area including San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Sacramento and Mendocino. She has also taught in Palm Beach, Florida and Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has not only performed in her home state of California, but also in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Presently, she is teaching locally in the Bay Area and is currently Directing and Shooting her own Documentary on tango. She is an elegant dancer and patient teacher who concentrates on the techniques necessary for smooth, powerful and beautiful dancing. She works with the whole body focusing on connection, alignment, lines and beautifying steps.






Ernest Williams

Ernest Williams first discovered Tango in 2000. With Argentina’s Fernando Filipelli as his
instructor it  quickly became a lifestyle. While living in Hawaii in 2002 Ernest began teaching tango
formally at the request of fellow dancers who recognized his ability to translate the more difficult concepts. 
Since 2003 Ernest has traveled nationally and internationally gathering a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of dance from various sources.  He has conducted workshops, seminars and/or dance exhibitions across the country, cities such as Richmond, Charlotte, Washington D.C.,
Baltimore, Philadelphia, Nashville, St. Louis, Wichita, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Honolulu and Chicago.  
He has also taught several intensive tango and milonga seminars in Montevideo, Uruguay
and Buenos Aires, Argentina.  

Some of his most notable US performances include the musical Candombe: Tango
Negro with choreographer Carina Losano and the famous Candombe group Cuareim
1080 at the Gala Theatre in Washington, DC.

During a sojourn to the Rio de la Plata region of South America, he was a three-
time featured tango performer on “La Ciudad de Tango”, a live national TV show in
Uruguay and a two-time featured candombe dancer with the high- profile candombe
organization La Gozadera in Montevideo.

Ernest is regularly recognized and celebrated as an exceptional social dancer at milongas,
tanguerias and other social events across the US and South America and receives
innumerable requests to give demonstrations. He has also given special exhibitions in
milonga con traspie and salsa at the famous milonga/tangueria Viejo Correo in Buenos Aires.  

He is constantly innovating new and unique teaching methodologies and concepts to challenge all levels of dancers to think outside of the box. A graduate of the “Master para Maestros” program at La Escuela Argentina del Tango in Buenos Aires, Ernest’s teaching style is clear and detailed, and his profound knowledge of the many forms of Tango make him an ideal instructor for both the beginner and the advanced tanguero.


Maricela Wilson

Maricela Wilson has trained in dance forms as divergent as hip hop, ballet, tap, jazz,
modern interpretive, African folkloric, salsa, mambo and cha cha.  
Her talent and abilities have been recognized from the very beginning, so much so
that she was able to pay her tuition by working as an assistant to her instructors.

Maricela's first love and expertise is in Salsa, Mambo and Cha Cha.  
A protégé of Michael Angelo Mendez of the Dance Academy of Salsa, Maricela's unique
style has earned her a brilliant reputation throughout the Chicago salsa scene.  She is an accomplished
leader and follower, highly sought after on the dance floor for her skills.

Maricela has recently become a tanguera under the tutelage of Ernest and is now his partner in their
many appearances at Tango events around the country.

Her teaching philosophy is to have fun first and foremost but also to give
her students a strong foundation along with the latest cutting edge moves and concepts.


Together Ernest and Maricela represent the future of tango while respecting the past. They are playful and youthful with their dance.  They believe in knowing the rules before breaking them and that anyone can learn from anyone else, thus they are always seeking knowledge and inspiration from all walks of life.

They are an exciting new couple on the national scene with something truly different to offer, so come check them out.

Check their Web site





Lana Nasser

"The body is a musical instrument, like a violin, reed, or drum. Dance is a tool to tune the keys, open the air passage-ways, loosen the skin- or tighten it…To dance is to simply allow the body to move the way it wants to…to express, to flow, and to be a channel for creative energy." L. Nasser

Performer, writer, and researcher, Lana is a self-trained dancer and singer, with a B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Consciousness Studies. Her choreography and teaching draw on her study of Middle Eastern mythology, archetypal psychology, and dreams. Lana has been living in the United States for the past 14 years; she taught and gave workshops in California and New Mexico. She leads trips to Jordan twice a year- the place of her birth and upbringing. Her one-person performance "Arab Woman Talking" was first born in March 2008; it is the accumulation of her training and research; re-opening in June. Samples and details at :






Todd & Marizabel

Todd Martin and Marizabel Arango formed TangoAlma in 1999, and with their unique chemistry have become one of the most popular tango performing and teaching couples in California.  Their performances have taken them across the continental United States, Hawaii and Mexico, sharing the stage with some of the world’s greatest tango dancers. 

They bring to the dance not only technical mastery but an amazing ability to flow from sensuality to comedy to sassiness while keeping faithful to the magical embrace that makes tango the world’s most expressive dance. Between them they posses an extensive background in classic music, dramatic arts, other social and ethnic dances including belly dance, hip hop, modern, flamenco and swing dancing. 

They are recipients of the House of Argentina Millennium Commission 2000 Award for Outstanding Dedication to the Dance and Music of Tango.  Performances have included the popular Las Vegas and New Orleans Tango Conventions as well as appearance with the San Diego Symphony and the San Diego Camarada Chamber Ensemble.



Check their web site



Judith Hutcheson


Judith Hutcheson is a certified Instructor in the The Method® Pilates of the PhysicalMind Institute.  She has been teaching Pilates for three years and has a background in dance and bodywork. She teaches at the Piedmont Adult School as well as other East Bay Pilates businesses.

The Method® Pilates Mat classes consist of floor and standing exercises using Pilates’ principles. This method of physical conditioning is designed to isolate and work muscle groups without joint stress. The classes focus on core and pelvic floor strengthening, flexibility, and posture.  The benefits include enhanced over-all well-being, ease of movement, strength, and appropriate body and postural alignment – all of which are appropriate for any age or fitness level.

Prerequisites: Participants must have taken some Pilates or Yoga classes before taking intermediate Pilates Mat classes.

Judith teaches at Tango Magdalena on Monday nights. Classes limited to 10 students per class. Please visit her website for details:






Lakiesha Golden


LaKiesha Golden is a performing artist of more than 10 years with a specialization in Congolese Dance, central african dance from the Congo.  Currently, Ms. Golden is an Artist in Residence, teaching in Oakland Unified School District high schools via Dimensions Dance Theater.  She also teaches Congolese dance at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco.  Previous to residing in Oakland, CA, Ms. Golden's dance career was dedicated to Bichini Bia Congo Dance Theater, which means "dancers of the Congo", directed by Biza Sompa in Ann Arbor, MI.  Astonishingly, LaKiesha had the opportunity of studying Congolese dance and culture in Congo-Brazza (RC), Central Africa in 2005 and in Paris, France in 2002 and 2003. 

Due to living in the Midwest, Ms. Golden also learned an urban style of Ballroom Dance a.k.a. Motown Style Ballroom or Club Style Ballroom, which she gained a great passion for.  Among training through Congolese and other African dance classes, LaKiesha has had experience with other forms of dance including but not limited to Haitian, Salsa, Jazz, Dancehall, Modern, Ballet, Hip-Hop and Swing, and other social dances.









Rachel has been involved in the Bay Area salsa and Latin music scene for more than 15 years. She has performed in San Francisco Carnival, taught salsa in various youth programs and has choreographed for numerous festival performances. Rachel focuses on Cuban style salsa, also known as Casino, and draws on her travels to Cuba and the Bay Area Cuban dance community for inspiration. She is passionate about dance and has recently added Tango to her repertoire. She enjoys sharing her love of salsa with others, especially those new to the genre.





Ruben Harymbat


Enriqueta Kleinman

Ruben Harymbat (Ruben de Pompeya) is a milonguero from the golden era of tango. Ruben was born, bred and still living with his wife Haydee in the Buenos Aires barrio of Pompeya. Ruben known as "Ruben de Pompeya" is 69 years old. He began dancing when he was 14 years old. In those days before professional teaching developed, he learned from his brothers and male cousins and friends. They would practice together every year to participate in the annual carnival.
Although highly respected for his dancing, Ruben never wanted to take his dancing to a professional level. He describes himself as a humble man who has always kept a low profile. Ruben worked for 43 years in the Argentine Post Office; the first 10 years as a locksmith. He later became responsible for the Department of Locksmiths of the Argentine Post office.
Ruben raised his family with his wife, Haydee, "a beautiful dancer" he says. But Haydee had problems with her knees which means she can no longer dance.
Ruben's passion for the tango is evident as soon as you see him on the dancer floor. His energy belies his age, or perhaps it is indicative of the many years he has expressed himself through the dance. Ruben is the "master of improvisation" and owner of enormous creativy. Ruben is highly sought out dancer in Argentina for performances. His performance partners have included Anna Maria Schapira, Alicia Pons, Susana Miller, Maria Plazaola, Enriqueta Kleinman , and Marisa Galindo among others. Ruben was invited to perform in November 2007 for the Congress of the Nation of Argentina in homage in "Recognition to the Milongueros of the night in Buenos Aires."
Ruben's first visit to the United States was last year when he participated in the 2008 Chicago Mini Tango Festival. Ruben has also participated in the 2007 and 2008 Festival Tango Estilo Milonguero. He has given seminars with Susana Miller and Maria Plazaola at "La Academia" in Buenos Aires. Ruben has also made numerous trips to Brazil to teach and perform.
Enriqueta has danced tango for over 15 years. She presently teaches group and private classes in Buenos Aires. The classes are for both men and women. She is an expert in Salon Tango - Milonguero Style, Tango Waltz and Milonga. Enriqueta also specializes in teaching technique for women and has led many courses and seminars. She performed at the Third and Fifth Metropolitan Championships in Buenos Aires. She has done a number of performances in Buenos Aires including at Salon Canning, Cachirulo (Maipu 444), and at the Confiteria Ideal at the First Milongueando Festival in Buenos Aires. She has been an instructor at Susana Miller's La Academia and presently teaches at Maipu 444. Enriqueta has taught and performed in San Diego, Iowa, Chicago, and at 2008 May Madness at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Enriqueta also speaks English, having lived for several years in New York City. Enriqueta is also an artist by profession.
For more information go to http://www.enriquetak.com.
For information regarding Enriqueta's paintings go to http://www.enriquetakleinman.com.ar





Tangia Hardy


Tangia Hardy was born on April 1, 1975 in Bridgeport, Connecticut where she resided for the majority of her life.  Since the young age of 8, she became actively involved in the arts and holds a particular love and zest for dance.   She studied gymnastics for 6 years, was a cheerleader in both high school and college, plays the flute, participated in her high school marching band, and studied various forms of dance, which includes African, Modern, Jazz, Latin, and Hip Hop. 

In 1997, she attended the University of Connecticut and graduated with a BS in Family Studies.   In 2000, she traveled throughout Central America for a year and a half and studied the Latin American culture and language.  In 2002, she moved to Maryland to pursue her Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Maryland and graduated in 2005.  She is currently in the process of receiving her LCSW this year.  

Her love for dance and body movement transcended into health and fitness and in June 2005, she was certified to teach aerobics professionally. Since that time, she’s taught various group instruction classes at the YMCA in Bridgeport, CT and has helped women obtain and maintain their ideal body image through personal training.   In November 2008, she moved to California with her fiancé and currently works as a child therapist in the school system.  In her spare time, she continues to participate in various different dance and mental health workshops offered throughout the United States.  She is dedicated to addressing women’s fitness and mental health needs and understands that a healthy mind and body is vital to maintain a happy spirit. 

Her dance aerobics classes will guarantee some exciting personal time after a long day.  You’ll meet new people, learn to feel good about yourself, learn new dance moves, and maintain your ideal body image!  The dance moves are easy to follow, naturally increase your energy level, helps with weight loss, increases muscle strength, will spice up your life, and most of all is fun to do! “Remember, creating a healthy lifestyle is a choice.  You can make it happen! “ (Tangia) 






Judy & Jon


Judy and Jon have made their home In their adopted porteño city of Buenos Aires since 2003.

They have acquired marvelous skills in their years of study starting in the U.S. and then in Buenos Aires, mastering both tango for exhibition as well as the very different, but perhaps
more important, social Tango de Salon, dancing the music simply with elegance, passion and sentimiento.

They teach and perform regularly in Buenos Aires and are considered authentic milongueros.

Tango is more than just a dance. Judy and Jon -  Living and Breathing Tango -  are inspirational teachers who give their students the technical tools for movement to build a foundation that enables them to express creatively and musically within the embrace on any dance floor.

            'They have learned what tango is about and now use their skills to help
                students develop into top notch Argentine tango dancers.
                They will simply help you to dance excellently and to understand the Tango better.'
                . . . R. Cook

They recently published 'Tango Body Mechanics' a Step by Step exercise manual for -movement techniques fundamental to dancing Tango, a must read.




Kate Henke


Trained for 9 years in the work of Zhander Remete (www.shadowyoga.com), who evolved the Shiolin martial art forms to integrate with yoga. Trained for 16 years by Mark Horner (www.horneryoga.com), Kate has been able to heal injuries, release blocked energies and gain freedom of movement, fitness and strength.

 Kate's body awareness began at age 7 with classical ballet training from Russian teacher. Explorations in African, modern, and freestyle dance forms has helped free-up the structure of ballet imposed, however, steady yoga practice is what has allowed a true ‘unwinding’ of old patterns and has cultivated a more balanced strength and flexibility.

Until now, Kate has taught this method 9 years only in private clubs/classes and has assisted many students in gaining awareness and ease in movement. 







Santiago & Amy


At an early age I began studying guitar at the Albistur Music Conservatory of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later I attended the Juan J. Castro National Conservatory of La Lucila, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied music and percussion. At age 17, theater became my interest, and I dedicated myself entirely to drama, studying in Buenos Aires with masters such as Rubens Correa, Carlos Gandolfo, Ricardo Bartis, and Cristina Banegas for more than 12 years.
My education and development in theater included study in voice technique and movement. It was then that I discovered tango, and I became devoted.
I began taking tango classes with acclaimed teachers such as Carlos y Rosa Perez, El chino Perico, Gabriel Misse, Damian Esell and Nancy Louzán, Raul Bravo, Ernesto Candal, Rodolfo Dinzel, Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa among others. I continued to further my study of tango along with other forms of dance with other renowned artists. As well, I finished my university education with a degree in computer systems, which has enabled me to tell the world about TANGO and the magic of dance!
To me, Tango gives us the opportunity to explore the potential of human connection in all it’s forms. Whether it be the meeting of the feminine and masculine within oneself, or going deeper into understanding these aspects in your partner. Tango gives us the tools to reflect and communicate life in a most subtle and profound way. To me, Tango is about refined communication and constant improvisation, with music to move the soul. It is a statement of identity and interaction...of life and love.

Amy loves to dance. Her parents soon caught on when impromptu performances were held in the family room on a weekly basis (the fireplace hearth made a perfect stage for a 6yr old in full make up and costume). Unfortunately classes at that age were halted when Amy was extradited for having chicken pox and was too humiliated to return until a much older age...high school. There she was an active participant in the dance team and went on to explore her love of dance in festivals as prestigious as the American Dance Festival after graduation. It was then that her focus changed from Modern and Contemporary to ethnic dances, such as Tribal Bellydance, West African, Flamenco, East Indian, and Japanese Butoh. Here she found her fascination with ethnic cultures, language, dress and customs enabled her to express herself through movement. Her focus and passion settled on Bellydance and she went on to perform with local troupes, Dance La Femme and the Big Sur Natives. Her relationship with the Natives developed a more theatrical side of her dance which lead her to study with Gabriel Roth and the 5 Rhythms, and Vin Marti’s Soul Motion. Here an interesting element of moving meditation and inner reflection was able to come forth in her dance. So how did Argentine Tango follow all of that? Unintentionally, really. When invited to visit a friend in Buenos Aires their first night out was to a local milonga in the historic San Telmo neighborhood. The walls seemed to breathe as crackly muffled tango music forced itself through the wafts of cigarette smoke and she watched as bodies clung to each other as if the world was going to end when the song did. That might have done it, but surely what sealed the deal was when a certain young man by the name of Santiago asked her to dance….and the rest is pure Tango.

Their website : http://www.santiagoamy.com/aboutus.php




Igor Polk

Igor Polk holds Russian masters degree in electrical engineering in automatic control systems. It has to do with something which can be called a Tango of Technology: Lead-and-Follow and various Oscillations and Rhythms and how things respond to it. Igor is an accomplished image analysis engineer and has a number of publications. He is an author of San Francisco virtual tour and Las Vegas virtual tour.

Igor Polk started to research Argentine Tango in 2001. He was concentrated on traditional tango with deep interest in vintage Tango. In 2007 he has founded Palo Alto JCC Tango Club where he teaches 3 times a week. Few people know as many tango styles as he does: Salon, Orillero, Apilado, Canyengue. Special technique developed by Igor allows Milonguero and Nuevo dancers to experience new heights. In tango he especially values complex tango rhythms, connection, energy, sharpness, smoothness, cadencia, structure, and dancing spirit.

Website : http://www.virtuar.com/tango/





Mela -Amaiya- Saunders

With the connection of movement and Spirit as her inspiration, Mela fuses African polyrhythms and Middle Eastern undulations into styles that engage the body and Spirit. She is blessed to have studied with Master Afro-Cuban and Cuban popular teachers both in Cuba and the US, and fuses these teachings within her Salsa Suelta.   In the Bay Area, Mela has danced with Alayo Dance Company, Las Que Son and Arenas Dance.  

Utilizing concepts from Reiki, and movement from African based cultures, Mela created a practice for healing and reconnection, called Chakra Integration Technique.  She also created two fusion movement styles: Roots Movement, a fresh blend of Congolese, Afro-Cuban and Middle Eastern dance styles; and Salsa du Ventre, a beautiful combination of Belly Dance and Latin Salsa.  The creation of each of these styles is deeply inspired by the capacity of dance to heal, empower, fulfill, and bring joy and Spiritual connection.

Currently, Mela is dancing with the joy of motherhood, and teaching. She recently completed her thesis work, focused on dance, healing, and rites of passage, and graduated with an M.A. in Women’s Spirituality.


Workshop or Classes




International dance star Pampa Cortés hails from Santiago del Estero, Argentina. He is famous for his performance career in prestigious dance companies such as the Ballet de Juan Carlos Copes and that of Mario Machaco & Norma Re, the stage shows in which he’s performed and for whom he’s choreographed (Forever Tango, Tango Revue, Fantasia Argentina, Destino de Tango), and his own directorial projects.

In his career of almost five decades, he has performed and taught all over the world in countries including US, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Guatemala, Mexico, and most of South America. He is Artist in Residence for Tango & More - Argentine Dance in San Francisco, California. His clean footwork and elegant masculinity have inspired thousands of people, encouraging them to achieve greater skill in their own tango.



David & Nancy Mendoza

David Mendoza

David Mendoza can’t remember a time when he wasn’t dancing. He started with Rancheros and other social and folk dances of his native Texas. He learned plenty of performing skills in various drill teams in ROTC and the U.S. Navy, where he also boxed (against the Marines!) and studied martial arts. David has also run marathons and is devoted to Pilates.

Upon moving to California, he became infatuated with Salsa in the early 90s and was a fixture at the hottest Salsa clubs. He has been dancing Argentine Tango since 1994, studying with a long list of greatest Tango maestros (see below). He was a dancer with Pampa Cortes’ “Los Tangueros de San Francisco.  David has a reputation for being a generous and easy-to-follow leader – one who can make any lady enjoy her three minutes on the dance floor. David is also a renown Tango disc jockey, playing music for the Belmont Milonga, the Peninsula Practica and making guest appearances at various Milongas.

Nancy Stevens Mendoza

Nancy Stevens Mendoza gave her first dance performance before she turned three years old. She learned tap and acrobatics as a youngster; studied ballet with the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; modern dance with Shawl Anderson Dance Center; Isadora Duncan dancing; Martha Graham technique; and dance teacher training at the Metronome Ballroom. She won first place in the Silver American Tango meet at the Grand Ball, a national ballroom competition. She was a principal dancer with Nora Dinzelbacher’s “Argentine Tango Folk Ballet” from 1989 to 1994 and performed with Pampa Cortes “Los Tangueros de San Francisco. (See performance highlights below.)

Nancy was one of the first Tangueras in the San Francisco Bay Area. After becoming enthralled by the original Broadway production of Tango Argentino, which Nancy saw while working for MTV in New York City in 1986, she began a long search for locals who could teach her authentic ARGENTINE Tango. After suffering through countless American Ballroom Tango classes pretending to teach Argentine Tango, Nancy met the late Jose “Pepe” Fernandez, who along with his partner Madelyn Deys, presented the first authentic Tango reviews in the Bay Area. Being a radio announcer, TV performer and video producer, Nancy helped Pepe organize his shows and narrated the live performances. Through Pepe, Nancy met the fledgling San Francisco Tango community, which consisted of fewer than 20 dancers – most of them absolute beginners. The more advanced included Jorge & Rosa LeDesma (San Francisco’s first Argentine teachers of Tango), Al & Barbara Garvey (Bay Area Argentine Tango Association originators), Jean and Charlie Stewart, Victor Nemeses (Mariposa Argentine Tango Club organizer), and Hector Villaba (Mansion Dandi Royal owner) and Nora & Raul Dinzelbacher, who had just arrived in San Francisco. After Raul died in 1990, Nora decided to carry on alone. She needed an extra dancer for her first full-length performance by her troupe, the Argentine Tango Folk Ballet and was introduced to Nancy by two of the troupe’s dancers. Besides performing in Nora’s troupe until it disbanded circa 1995, Nancy also helped Nora with fundraising, organizing, assisting in class and doing whatever else was needed to help grow the Tango Community. For example, Nancy tended bar and otherwise helped Nora organize the Bay Area’s first real Milonga at the Renaissance Ballroom in San Francisco. She has taught many local teachers their first Tango steps and was one of the original 30 dancers who founded the Bay Area Argentine Tango Association. Nancy continues her support for the Tango community by hosting various milongas, sponsoring visiting maestros and donating her time and talent to various local fund raisers. Most of all, she is dedicated to dancing with her husband and devoted to teaching her students how to enjoy themselves on the dance floor.



Workshops & Classes


Alberto Dessieu

Alberto Dassieu, born in 1937 in a neighborhood of Buenos Aires known for its Tango dancers and singers, was exposed to Tango music and some of the best dancers at an early age. He has been dancing since he was 14 and has shared the dance floor with some of Argentina's most renown dancers, who at the time would compete to show off their style and elegance. His inspiration has come from dancers such as Gerardo Portalea, Pepe Dafonte (el pibe del Oeste), Virulazo, Copes and Miguel Angel Zotto. Alberto has a special affinity for  D'Arienzo and Pugliese,and uses their music to teach musically and rhythm.

Alberto has many dance credits to his name. He has taught at the Casa de Cultura de Ramos Mejia, participated in the filming of Evita, worked on the National Geographic documentary about Tango with Robert Duvall and a Tango documentary made by Gustavo Benzecry Sabá. He was a finalist in the Metropolitan Tango Salon championship, and choreographed for the very successful Tango show called  Milonguísimo at Confitería la Ideal. 

Currently, Alberto is dedicated to teaching, performing and sharing his passion for Tango Salon and Vals to dancers from around the world, at home and abroad.

In the words of Alberto,  My Tango is Salon style. My style of dancing is elegant, subtle, with rhythm and poetry.

"Mi tango es el de Salón.

Mi estilo es elegante, sutil, con cadencia, con poesía."

His website: www.albertodassieu.com.ar





Alvaro Batista

Alvaro Batista was born is Panama and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for a number of years. He has been dancing most of his life and since 2000 has been dancing Cuban salsa and Rueda de Casino. In addition, Alvaro is very involved in the Cuban
music scene in the Bay Area. Along with two partners they started Añejo Productions who have been promoting this music genre and dance style since 2002 through parties, clubs, concerts and dance classes. Alvaro loves to teach and hopes he can pass on the love he has for the music and some of the dance techniques he has learned.


Check his web site here: http://www.dancewithalvaro.com


Workshops & Classes


Mayumi Fujio  started dancing Argentine Tango in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1997. She had traveled throughout Europe to dance and to study with teachers such as Eric Jorisen, Biki and Muzo, Yvonne Meissner, Gustavo Naveira, and Chicho Frumboli.   Partnering Jessie Kennedy, she began teaching at the Dance for All Studio in Edinburgh, and she was also one of the founding members of the Edinburgh Tango Society.  Her performance credits include annual showcases at the Dance for All Studio, the Edinburgh Cashmere Fashion Show, a morning show on Scottish TV, the TV drama series Taggart, along with an interview on BBC Radio Scotland.
After moving to the Bay Area in 2001, she furthered her study in Tango with other teachers such as Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Rosa, Fabian Salas, Cecilia Gonzales, and Jean-Sebastien Rampazzi.   She has been invited to teach regularly throughout the Bay Area, at venues such as the Cheryl Burke Dance (formerly The Metronome Ballroom), the CellSpace Alternative Milonga, The Beat, and the Monte Cristo Club.
Using her previous experiences in Modern, Jazz, French Jive, Ballroom and Salsa, Mayumi has formed an elegant yet dynamic dance style. She is skilled in both close-embrace dancing and Tango Nuevo; plus she is a proficient leader as well.  This versatility enables her to teach successfully by herself, and also with a number of outstanding partners, such as Homer Ladas, Felipe Martinez, Jorge Nel, George Garcia & Humberto Décima.  Her "Followers' Technique Workshop" in San Francisco is particularly popular.
For Mayumi, Tango is an interpretation of the music, a communication with her partner, and an expression through her movement.  Her teachings focus on the connection between the couple and basic movement within the music.  Mayumi is also trained in other body movement techniques such as Alexander Technique, Pilates, Yoga, and Gyrotonic.
Apart from teaching, Mayumi is also a well known organizer in San Francisco inviting various tango instructors to the Bay Area.  She has organized classes and workshops for; Juan Cantone & Sol Orozco, Humberto Décima, Mariano Bielak & Paula Gurini, Mario Consiglieri & Anabella Diaz-Hojman and Andres Amarilla & Meredith Klien.  She is currently a member of Tango Renaissance USA organizing Antipanico Tango Festival in August 2010.



Workshops & Classes


Oscar y Ana

Oscar was born in Parque Patricios, a well-known tango barrio in Buenos Aires. His parents were avid tango dancers, and, in the 1950's and '60's, they organized three different milongas per week, which regularly drew in 400-500 dancers. Oscar was very much influenced by his father, both by osmosis and discussion. He absorbed the code (codigo) of the milongueros, and when he eventually decided to take up the dance seriously, he already had a background and base that was the envy of many.
Oscar has a distinct style both in his dance and his teaching. He is very milonguero, and is many respected by the old guard in the milongas of BA. He is also extremely popular with his students, who are impressed by his teaching style. He teaches with energy and humor, emphasizing concepts, specializing in improvisation always interpreting the music and respecting the character of the different orchestras. He is especially interested in the dynamics and cadencia of the dance. Everything he teaches is applicable to crowded milongas.
Ana Miguel started her Argentine Tango training in the dance school of Moron Jose Neglia. She started teaching with the famous Argentine tango instructor and performer, Pocho Pizarro. From 2005 to 2008, Ana Miguel performed in the Show “Bacanazo” which was held in the Empire Theatre and the Roman Theatre in BA and she also performed as part of the show at Esquina Carlos Cardel from 2006 to 2010 in BA. Moreover, Ana Miguel has taught tango at various tango festivals and was also a tango teacher at ACETA (Academia de Estilos de Tango Argentino – Academy of Argentine Tango Styles) from 2006 to 2010.
For more information on Oscar and Ana Miguel, you can view some videos of their exhibitions and classes at http://www.youtube.com/user/twototango2 .


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Glenn Corteza is one of San Francisco’s best tango teachers. He focuses on the essentials of social dancing and promotes mastery of the basics. Glenn is known for his musicality classes and core building fundamentals. His class emphasis is on understanding rhythm, ear training, and dance technique. He gives students a different perspective of the dance and rather than teach flashy sequences he gives simple exercises to bring out their creative side.  He believes that investing time in building a solid foundation is the most effective way to being a good dancer. Glenn makes learning fun and enjoyable with his outrageous comments and humorous visual analogies.

Glenn has been dancing for 14 years.  He has studied with many of the Argentine masters too many to list. He has performed on stage productions, appeared on commercials, and has performed in many public and private events. Glenn also plays the double-bass for Quinteto Del Bailongo, a local quintet playing Astor Piazzolla’s music.  Glenn has an impressive dance background but prefers to see students be impressed at what they can achieve with the knowledge he shares with them. So come to one of his classes and impress yourself!



Glen's website: http://www.sfotango.com/





Robyn Donaldson, is a certified yoga instructor, trained in Hatha and Sivananda style yoga. Before moving to Oakland, CA, Robyn taught yoga in south Florida. Her classes focus on yoga asanas (poses), meditation, yogic breathing techniques, stress reduction, deep relaxation and positive thinking.  Robyn teaches yoga classes for all levels, including children, teenagers and families. In addition, Robyn is also a certified angel practitioner trained by Charles Virtue, son of Doreen Virtue, PhD. Robyn's classes are different from traditional yoga classes, as she is inspired by her angelic channelings and crystal energy healing practices. Additionally, Robyn loves to infuse different styles of music and sound into her classes. Presently, Robyn teaches yoga classes and workshops at Tango Magdalena in the Lake Merritt








Both Mariano and Paula have extensive experience of not only tango but also with Folklore, classical dance, contemporary to circus.  Their dancing style is elegant yet dynamic and their musicality is exceptional.  Their milonga performance is specially outstanding.  
Check it out on Youtube. They have taught in Universidad del tango in Buenos Aires as well as many tango festivals in Europe such as Warshaw, Leipzig and in Spain.  Last year they were invited to teach at the October Tango Festival in Portland and have been touring in the USA.  They have been performing in Natalia Hills and Gabriel Misse's dance company and toured USA with a show “Tangueros del Sur” and Veil International Dance Festival.


Their web site :






While pursuing her passion as a jazz vocalist in New York City, MakiItami Cannon always had yoga.
She is certified yoga teacher through Om Yoga Center, also certified as a prenatal teacher by Janice Clarfield, kids yoga teacher through Karma Kids Yoga Studio.

She offers classes that encourage you towards a deeper level of physical awareness and a stronger connection to your heart and mind.





Tanya has studied various styles of dance since the age of 6, including various styles of West African, modern, jazz, Brazilian, Latin dance. She believes music, dance and body movement are at the core of feminine balance.  As a Zumba instructor and performer with the Brazilian performing group Fogo Na Ropa, every class, Tanya observes firsthand women having fun, enjoying themselves and re/appreciating their bodies through dance. "Sensual Fitness Fusion" emphasizes the fun and benefits of Zumba movements focused on the feminine torso and hips.  Just like a party, you'll feel the positive energy that comes from and is shared with others who are having fun just like you!  There is no dance experience required, just your desire to dance, feel sexy and have fun!


Read more about Tanya's work on her website here






Juan Cantone

tango dance education started in 1992 under the tutelage of the great masters of Argentine Tango, including Esther and Mingo Pugliese, Gloria and Eduardo, Facundo and Kelly Posadas and Gustavo Naveira. In addition, Juan has received an  academic education in dance theatre, ballet and contact improvisation, which makes his dancing fresh and innovative while maintaining the elegance that can only be gained from the tango salon learned from the true milongueros.
Juan's background also includes a broad knowledge of pedagogy and didactics obtained through two different careers at the National Conservatory of Music and at the National School of Dance ,IUNA, where he is presently working on his degree on choreographic composition and dance theatre. By putting together all his knowledge and skills, he has developed a unique pedagogical system to teach tango, which has made him one of the great Tango teachers of today.
He has taught courses in renowned tango studios in Buenos Aires (Estudio Mora Godoy, Tango Brujo, The Academy of Tango Milonguero)  ) as well as prestigious festivals in the northwest of Argentina. The last 4 years, he has been teaching in many cities in Europe and the US with his partner, Sol Orozco. With her they run Centro Cultural "El Esquinazo" in Buenos Aires where they have regular classes.

Sol Orozco
Sol started her dance training with classical ballet as a child. Her tango education has been with the great tango masters "Lampazo", Facundo and Kelly Posadas, Mingo and Esther Pugliese, Gustavo Naviera and Giselle Anne, Pablo Villaranza and Dana Frigoli, among others. She has enriched her dancing training in Yoga Ashtanga, Contact improvisation, Dance Theatre and Music Theory, which together translate into a very sensual, delicate, and musical style.

Sol  was part of the Project "Tangueros Unidos" from 2000 to 2003, developing a methodology for teaching Tango Dance, she also possess a deep innate understanding of corporal movement that lets her develop new techniques to train dancers and create new exercises for dancers to practice alone for self-improvement. Sol has coordinated the dance workshops at the XII Panamerican Scout Jamboree  and choreographed a performance for this ballet. She has also taught in renowned tango studios in Buenos Aires (Mora godoy, El Esquinazo, Tango Brujo, The Academy of Tango Milonguero) as well as in many cities in Europe and the US over the last 4 years with






In 2001, Kamala experienced the loss of a beloved family member, a job and a primary relationship in a two month period.  It was then that Kamala turned to yoga and meditation to address questions that she had begun asking herself about the nature of life and loss.  She found that yoga not only helped her reach a place of peace, it also relieved the stress and strain that she was experiencing as a result of years of studying and working in front of a computer... and it ultimately transformed her life.

Kamala is now a certified yoga teacher and leads individual and group yoga and meditation classes to people in all walks of life throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  In addition to teaching yoga and meditation, Kamala is also a transformational life coach and she teaches a variety of practices designed to heal and transform the effects of trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Having personal knowledge of the effects of childhood trauma and violence, Kamala is committed to serving individuals and communities affected by violence, poverty, homelessness and social oppression.  She offers a weekly trauma healing and transformation program at the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Kamala has a degree in Psychology from UC Berkeley and a law degree from New York University.  She founded Attuned Living in 2010.








In March of 2010, Buenos Aires suffered the fever of tango in its milongas, foreigners from all over the world and Argentines from the provinces crowded the milonga in search of tango. Champagne, cigarettes, smiles, looks, cabaceos, portenos and milongeuros annoyed by the flood of new people,...what else could be missing from this impressive and intolerant stew? A chance encounter...a common encounter, but one that would mark the lives of two people. At a table next to the dance floor, Sebastian caught a glimpse of a lady who did not stop dancing all night. The cabaceo and look of acceptance was the starting point of something big. After dancing a tanda, Sebastian felt like he had found the embrace he had been seeking in coming to Buenos Aires and asked Delia to practice for the upcoming Metropolitano competition. The competition was the principal topic of conversation in all the milongas of Buenos Aires at the time. 

They made it only to the semifinals, but the story continued as they started performing in various venues such as large open-air celebrations of Chinese festivals in Chinatown and milongas. They also started a tango street show in Palermo on weekends. They also formed a production company and started working with various tango dancers to bring events to the interior of Argentina. They organized the first Festival of Tango Salon with the participation of Osvaldo and Coca, Roberto Herrera and Lorena Goldestein, Jorge Garcia and Susana Soar, and Gabriel Glagovsky and Rui Saito. They also organized seminars for Sebastian Jimenez and Ines Bogado, Diego Ortega and Aldana Silveyra, and Tomas Galvan and Gimena Herrera in various provinces of Argentina. Their travels in South America also extended to Chile, where they performed in Santiago. Their travels reach back to California, having recently organized for the tango dancers Facundo de la Cruz and Paola Sanz. 

Now, they are expanding with classes and shows in LA and San Francisco. They seek to transmit the essence of tango salon, basing their dance on the golden age of tango in the 1940's and adding a touch of creativity and elegance. 





  • Trained intensively in Buenos Aires for 5 years
  • Has spent the last 4 years touring the world teaching Tango
  • Placed 3rd in the 2011 USA Argentine Tango Championship Stage Category
  • Her most recent teaching tour was to Germany, Paris, Southern Norway and the Arctic Circle

Mirabai’s parents finally allowed her to go to dance class when she was four years old. She couldn’t understand what had taken them so long. She studied and practiced, developing her fiery passion for life and dance. She dedicated her time to learning every dance style she could, finding satisfaction in each. She has danced professionally in Jazz, Swing, Blues and Salsa. But when she found Tango, she felt like she had come home.
She graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a degree in Astronomy and then moved to Buenos Aires, where she lived and trained for 5 years. Now she tours the world, teaching tango full time. Tango has become her source of energy and inspiration. Today she is recognized as a world class teacher and performer.
As a teacher, she is kind, knowledgeable and skillful. Years of experience have given her the ability to see an error quickly. In moments she can help correct it, guiding the student to think about the situation differently. She has a unique ability for helping her students gain an inner feel for the spirit of tango.
As a dancer she is masterful in her execution; commanding and passionate, yet elegant and beautiful. Her feet are quick and precise. There is a depth of feeling behind her movements that can be easily seen in the joy that shines through her as she dances.








Liz and Yannick Vanhove (Belgium), are partners in life and partners in tango. They have been dancing Argentine Tango for over 11 years.
In 2006 they went to Buenos Aires for the first time and have lived there for over two years spread over the last 7 years.

They go back to Buenos Aires every year for several months to maintain and improve their dancing & teaching skills.
There, they have been guest-dancers at the legendary Esquina Homero Manzi for the show “Un par de tangos”, as well as in Teatro Alvear on Corrientes with the orchestra Colectivo Tango and on the ferry Buquebus that travels between Buenos Aires and Colonia (Uruguay) together with the singer Jorge Brun.
They have performed in different milongas such as Parakultural in salon Canning, Boedo tango, Porteno y Bailarin, La Confiteria Ideal, Che Flores.

In Europe, they are part of 'Tres Esquinas', an international company of Tango de Salon, and of the Show Tango company “LM Tango Argentino” that has its base in Paris. And they were nominated and accepted as Members of Unesco's International Dance Council CID.
Activities (workshops and performances) in Europe consisted of:
'The Antwerp Tango Festival' (BE), performances with the Tango Orchestra 'Arrabal' (BE), The opening of the 'Pasional Tango Club' in Vienna (AT), 'El Amante' in Vlissingen (NL), 'Tango y Vino' and 'Nou' Tango School in Berlin (DE), different events at 'Le Chantier
' in Paris (FR), 'Conventillo' in Rome (IT), '2nd Italian Festival & Championship' in Terracina (IT), Encuentro de Tango Salon with Carlos & Rosa Perez in Eupen (BE) and many other places all over Europe.

In 2012 they won the European championship in the category Tango Salon and became vice-champions of Tango Escenario.
The jury consisted of: Maria Nieves, Pancho Martinez Pey, Carlos & Rosa Perez, Sol Cerquides & Fernando Gracia.
At the World Championships in Buenos Aires, they were finalists at the Luna Park for Tango Salon.




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