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Expanding Activities at Tango Magdalena

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At the beginning of this New Year, we wanted to “Stop and thank you,” as the unforgettable Marvin Gaye once sang. Your unconditional support has uplifted our minds and spirits.

After a year, Tango Magdalena continues to hold steady to the promise of more activities. In fact, we’ve expanded our offerings. Apparently, this appeals to our growing community. We are greatly encouraged by the people who regularly join us, either at our Milongas or classes. We’ve made new friends, and that’s invaluable.During this past year we began thinking of how we could bring more talented people into our space. We wanted Tango Magdalena to offer more than tango. We wanted to enrich our lives and those with whom we share their time.

We are happy to announce that we will officially launch the “Body & Movement” theme in our Studio, on January 24th, 2009 (see the invitation below). We’ve put together a group of four yoga instructors (Beth Zygielbaum, Alana Zerbini, Katherine LeRoy, Brian Reed), an African Dance instructor (LaKiesha Golden), and an Aerobics Dance (on Soca music) instructor (Tangia Hardy). You might have already noticed that we have a great Pilates instructor (Judith Hutcheson) who has been giving successful workshops in the studio since the month of December. You also know by now that we have another talented person teaching the Tango Follower’s Technique, Lisette Perelle. All these talented people enrich our space and allow our community to expand. On that note, if you know of a Salsa instructor who could add to the brilliance of these instructors, please let us know.

We will continue hosting other great instructors from out of state. We are in contact with the legendary Facundo Posadas to arrange for his teaching in our space soon. We were also contacted to host Ruben Harymbat and Enriqueta Kleinman from Argentina. We are working on it. Our friend Todd & Marizabel from San Diego and Ernest & Maricela from Chicago are on our planning for this year (scheduling challenges permitting).

Please note that we have put together a general calendar for all the activities in the studio and added a link in the menu on our website. The Tango calendar remains separate, which allows us to insert workshops and activities without overwhelming our readers. The link to the General Calendar is:

Thanks for being part of our family. We wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!

Jean-Pierre & Bianca




You're Invited

In Alliance with National Yoga Day
we will offer Free
Yoga -Mat Pilates-Dance Aerobics classes

We look forward to sharing our new location with you:
Tango Magdalena, 580 Grand Ave. #305, Oakland
(dial #305 when you arrive at the door)

Come and join us for :
11am-12noon Yoga
12.05pm-12.35pm Mat Pilates
12.40pm-1.10pm Dance Aerobics
1.10pm -2pm "light refreshments"

Reception & Open House
Saturday, January 24th
Tango Magdalena’s
Yoga & Movement Center



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  • Beth Zygielbaum
  • Alana Zerbini
  • Katherine LeRoy
  • Brian Reed





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