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The fisrt time I heard name Facundo Posadas, was in 1998 when I saw him on the front page of the Tango Magazine “El Firulete”. The magazine was a monthly publication by Alberto Paz. It is also in that context that I learned of the descendents of the African slaves in Buenos Aires being instrumental in the genesis of Tango. The complete title of the magazine mentioned “Facundo and Kelly Posadas”. Throughout my learning years, the names will quite often pop out in different places and contexts, most notably in Farris Thompson’s wonderfully educational book:” Tango, the Art History of Love”, where Facundo’s name is mentioned dozens of time. Kelly passed away almost a year ago, a little too soon before I had had the privilege to meet her in person.

I have watched several video clips of the couple dancing and have every time been brought to a place of profound respect for Facundo and Kelly. It is a wonderful feeling to see people who have been dancing Tango long before I was even conceived. I feel privileged to be part of a lineage… a powerful historic lineage.

Providence has allowed Bianca and me to meet Facundo a year ago, in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is back to our area and will be teaching two workshops in our studio on Tuesday, November 03, 2009 (details here). It is certainly a great honor for us to host him during this last phase of his visit in our area.


The reason why a historic lineage matters to me so much comes from this essential African Tradition: “Life is never destroyed and whatever, was will always be”. That is why we honor our ancestors, during our own life time.
When it comes to Tango, people like Facundo Posadas, Carlos Gavito… etc  represent the excellence of the “past era” still here to inspire the generation that will follow them. I have been lucky to meet them…these living books that have made themselves available to open special windows in the minds of the seekers. These are undoubtedly, Tango Masters! It is therefore a special honor to study with them. When I say “study” I mean it with all the humility that must come with the attitude of the learner. In fact, one must simply let these Masters open, yet another window in the mind, as they see fit.
I have long come to the conclusion that in the presence of such Masters, the student should refrain from asking for a specific subject or figure, but, rather, dance and let the Master do the coaching. That would better bring out the specific style, hidden within.

Facundo is also very expressive about the African roots ofTango. He is unshaken by the sad obstructionists who have been working hard to deny the obvious link to the African component in Tango. A recent meeting we were invited to attend with him emphasized this clearly. It is also noticeable how he has been able to develop his humanity throughout his personal life experiences. He certainly has more to say. We are sure ready to listen and learn. That is the path leading toward our ideal of perfecting our Tango journey.

Bianca and me, we look forward to having you come to study with Facundo on Tuesday November 03.

In the meantime, enjoy these two sample videos of Facundo.





Jean-Pierre Sighe


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